As a certified shoemaker Roel had a passion for sneakers from a very young age. While still studying, Roel started to deconstruct sneakers and became known for his sole swapping. After working as a shoemaker for several years he started to create his own custom sneakers under the label ‘Van Hoff’. To inspire you, we will show you some of the best designs made by Roel van Hoff.

 Rehab Footwear – Van Hoff Sneakers

Rehab is a high-end sneaker brand and was an instant match for Roel because they shared the same values when it comes to sneakers: quality, exclusivity and the use of some of the most unique materials. In total, the Rehab Razer collection consists of 6 different custom sneakers which are created in collaboration with the owner of Rehab Footwear.
The Rehab Razer sneakers are like high end basketball shoes. These bespoke sneakers are made from rich materials like suede and smooth leather from Portugal. Besides using the best materials, Roel has worked a lot on the details and has used some techniques you won’t find on any other sneaker. An absolute musthave for every sneakerhead.

 Air Jordan 1’s collab with Pathé cinema

With the movie release of ‘One man and his shoes’ Roel has created a unique pair of Nike Air Jordan 1’s in collaboration with the Dutch Pathé cinema. One man and his shoes is a mind-boggling documentary about the immensely populair Nike Air Jordan 1’s. The documentary tells the story about the huge impact the Air Jordan Sneakers had in American society and pop culture. The Nike Air Jordan 1’s symbolized everything that was ‘cool’ Everybody wanted a pair of shoes, even though these sneakers were very expensive.

hand made air jordan's pathé
Nike air jordan 1 Pathé
Custom made jordan's pathé collab

The design from these custom made sneakers comes from the well-known Nike Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’, an absolute classic which is featured in the documentary. To make the sneakers in the typical Pathé style, Roel has used their house color which resulted in this yellow-white sneaker with a black Nike ‘swoosh’. These one of a kind handmade shoes were given away by Pathé.

Custom sneakers made of REV’IT racing suits

One of the most special bespoke sneakers made by Roel van Hoff. These Nike Air Max sneakers are made from REV-IT racing suits which are worn by famous MotoGP riders like Danilo Petrucci, Alcaro Bautista, Lorenzo Dalla Porta and Jaume Masia.

Bespoke Nike Air Max Rev-it
Hand made nike air max rev'it

Roel created this pair of shoes especially for the Dutch Design Week. These custom made Nike Air Max sneakers made a big impression on sneakerheads and motorsport fans alike!

McLaren x OnePlus x Roel van Hoff

These very special handcrafted Nike Air Max sneakers are made in collaboration with McLaren and OnePlus. For the lining Roel has used calfs leather and the best Italian suede. To give the shoe it’s McLaren appearance, Roel used carbon for the Nike swoosh. Roel used a mesh toebox in the McLaren colors on these handmade sneakers. A small detail of the materials that you will find more often at McLaren.

Nike Air Max McLaren
Custom sneakers McLaren Oneplus
Bespoke Sneakers McLaren

The Day1lifestyle channels used this pair of bespoke sneakers as a giveaway to one of their followers. The small embroidery on the back of these sneakers stand for the collaboration between OnePlus and McLaren.

Sneak ‘n Jeans exclusive sneaker

Every year the Dutch Outlet shopping center Bataviastad has a special event for sneakers and denim. Roel was asked to create a custom Nike Air Max for the promotion of this event.

Bespoke sneakers - Bataviastad Collab
Bespoke sneakers Batavia

For this design Roel has used several Denim fabrics to create handmade sneakers that matches the identity of Bataviastad. The inner side panel of these sneakers are made with a denim pocket with croc leather behind it, which is also used for the Nike swoosh.

Handmade sneakers by Roel van Hoff

Are you interested in having your own custom sneakers or do you want to promote your event or brand with a pair of unique bespoke sneakers? Feel free to contact Roel van Hoff for a bespoke solution.

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