Congratulations #Nijntje Today is the official birthday of this iconic rabbit, which was once brought to life by Dick Bruna on June 21st, 1955 @Nijntje_nl

An original mega cuddly toy has been bought to make this example. This handmade giant ‘Nijntje’ is made of soft Italian leather. The body part is made from an original beach towel from Fendi.
So, we all know the Dutch name for the iconic rabbit -> @Nijntje_nl
What is the name of this character in your language?
Let me know in the comments!

Calling all car fanatics. You are a witness of a handmade Recaro highchair, completely in Audi RS style. Entirely made of Italian leather and Nardo gray suede side parts. Thank you Niels, a.k.a. @thenardobeast, for making your RS6 available.
The idea of ​​this project came to me when I was in the car on my way to my winter sports destination. I was thinking about it and realized there are no highchairs for the more upscale car industry. Of course, I can customize it exactly however you like it. From NOW on I take orders for this. The highchairs are entirely made by hand in the original style and color of your car. Who does not want to let their little ones travel safe and in style, right?!

Just finished up this one of a kind handmade hybrid wallet! This project goes into great detail. My creativity went wild in this project as you can see.
An original #Gucci belt was used to make the center piece and the #Vuitton parts come from an original vintage bag. The yellow stripes in the front are made of yellow rattlesnake leather. This matches with the inside which is entirely made of rattlesnake leather. The handmade stitching is stitched with glow in the dark yarn. The coolest detail (my personal opinion) is the lining of the cash section.
This is made from a vintage high-end brand tie. The perfect material for a linning.

Made this handmade hybrid masterpiece from two original, Fendi and Versace, beachtowels. This hybrid jacket is lined with a custom lining with the van Hoff logo relief. The board is lined with silk baroque from Versace. After finishing the item, I only had one person in mind who could pull it off perfectly.

Coincidentally he also happened to be my personal favourite model in the Dutch fashion industry @officialtmzz Thanks bro, you the best! The photo was shot by the extremely talented @by.marj. We have done this together and that’s why I am extra proud of it. You guys take me to the next level! Very limited orders will be accepted so first come first serve! If you want to have a customized one of a kind piece just let me know. I am full of creative ideas.

Behold! One of the most famous and iconic chairs the “Barcelona chair”. I am a huge fan of the timeless design by the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
I gave it my own twist and made the entire chair from an original Louis Vuitton beach towel. The chair is made in high quality cognac colored leather from Italy.

I made this set from original Fendi beach towels. During my last trip to Barcelona I felt inspired right away after I saw the new season collection. If you like this item keep an eye on my page because there will be a lot more Mark my words.

This handmade one of a kind pair ‘animals’ specially made for my good friend Jay Jay Boske. The swoosh is made of python snake leather.

I have a passion for art. One of my beloved artists from the Netherlands (Joseph Klibansky) came with his own ready to wear cap. To make it a little bit more unique I customized it with exotic leather parts. This item is NOT for sale!

Handmade one of a kind Moschino slippers. I have been wearing them every day for six months now without taking care of them once. The truth of quality. The weather is getting better so I can put this lovely over the top sandal back outside.

I’m trying to make a designer lamp that matches the Elephant print leather timepiece. As you can see I also used the Elephant print leather.

If we could turn back time  I think we all want to rewind or fast forward as soon as possible. Preferably with the largest timepiece you’ve ever seen. This beautiful timepiece is handmade from original Elephant print leather. In this way we can look forward to better times during the difficult ones we are facing now.

This item was developed in collaboration with Geertje Husmann. A very luxurious set made of high quality. Fill out the contact form to find out what the possibilities are.

This set has been specially developed for hardstyle artist MC Villain. He often finished this look with a matching belt on stage.