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Have a look at our exclusive shoes and get your own pair. Each pair comes in a limited amount of 10 pieces. When the handmade shoe is sold for 10 times, we will close the possibility to buy that design. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Roel van Hoff. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the images of the sneaker. You can also find the order form at the end of the page.




incl 21% VAT, original Nike donor shoes and shipment

De OG Deluxe Pack is based on the icon ‘OG Chicago’
Using the best quality in the footwear industry.

Each pair is handmade by Roel van Hoff, using premium leathers of the tannery from the fashion icon brand Chanel. The shiny croc combined with a soft shiny white nappa leather.
The inside is made of premium calf leather. Each style is sold separately and limited to 10 pieces only.

Now you’ll get a 10% discount on every second or third pair!

* The item will be sold-out when the limit of 10 orders has been reached.
* We do not offer refunds or exchanges.
* Turnaround time is 12-14 weeks as from the date that the payment has been received.


Please note: if you would like to have 2 or 3 items, we will get in touch with you to ask which editions and sizes you wish.

Please include your country prefix like (+31)

apartment, housenumber, suite, unit etc.

Only the first 10 may purchase these exclusive pair of sneakers.

Please note: after clicking ‘order now’, you will receive an email with further instructions to proceed the payment. You won’t be redirected to a payment page.